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Jul. 12th, 2011

jack rum

Hetalia Meebo Roleplay Characters

Figured I should write all this down since it's a chat roleplay, this way I don't forget crap. Also if people want to look they can. :p Please don't steal Jock and Heidi. If you want to use them please ASK. Family relations only list highly active characters in the roleplay if your wondering why 'Wales, North Ireland and Liechtenstein' are missing from the family list. Most of the family is listed on how close the characters are. I'll come back and list any missing active characters when it's not 5:30 in the morning and I've not slept.


Name: Aidan Kirkland / Iona Kirkland
Age: 25?
Appearance: Based on Pixvi design; dark red hair; green eyes; fair; slightly taller then his brother England though gives the impression of being much taller.
Female Scotland is tallish for a woman and much to her dislike busty, only good thing is she can tease England that he's 'flat' compared to her as a woman.

Male to Female Trigger: England's Scones
Female to Male Trigger: Time consuming spell work
Family/Relations: England(Wee birther~), Australia(Nephew), Ancient Britannia(Mum), Glasgow(Son, 5), Edinburgh(Daughter, 8-10?), Denmark(Dating/Fiance)

Name: Vash Zwingli / Verena Zwingli
Age: 18
Appearance: Cannon / Female almost the same height as male, cute very slimmer to cannon Jeanne D'Arc
Male to Female Trigger: Expensive Cheese
Female to Male Trigger: Absinthe
Family/Relations: Lausanne(Daughter, 3-4), France(Fiance), ???(Son, Newborn)

Name: Jock Kirkland
Age: 5
Appearance: Red hair; Green eyes; Fair but leanings more to olive in complexion*, small, cute, he looks a good deal like his 'mummy' as he call's Scotland and his uncle England did at his age. His hair is more spiky theirs and looks more like Denmark's.
*Jock was 'born' a Leopard Gecko (he is human because of being feed magic food) this has influenced some genetic and personality traits even though he takes after his 'Parents' a good deal.
His height is a good example he'll never, ever be as tall as Scotland or Denmark. He has a hang over habit from being a lizard to hide and sleep under things he can fit himself under.
Male to Female Trigger: N/A
Female to Male Trigger: N/A
Family/Relations: Scotland(Mum), England(Uncle), Australia(Cousin/Uncle), Ancient Britannia(Grandmother), Edinburgh(Sister, 8-10?), Denmark(Father)

Name: Adelheid 'Heidi' Zwingli
Age: 3-4
Appearance: Heidi looks like am mini Swiss, though she has France's wavy hair. Personality wise she takes after France and loves anything she thinks is 'pretty/belle'. She's quiet charming and cute and has got many adults you wouldn't think would be willing to play dress up. Adelheid started out as goat, she has a habit or trying to eat 'inappropriate things' and says 'Maa' when she can't think of the word for something. When angry she'll headbutt people that she's mad at.
Male to Female Trigger: N/A
Female to Male Trigger: N/A
Family/Relations: Switzerland(Mama), France(Papa), ???(Brother, Newborn), Sisters(Goats)

Jul. 29th, 2009


Of Spock & Tribbles

No one was able to pinpoint who brought the tibble that caused the infestation aboard, but currently people thought it must have been some unsuspecting ensign. Most likely female since tribbles where so cute and soothing. Because all pets had to be cleared with starfleet & the quarters the pet resided in had to be 'pet proofed'.

But when word got around the oldest tirbble had been found the crew had been in disbelief, it had been found in the commanders quarters. The commander who'd claimed that the tribbles had no affect on him at all, 'Vulcan's do not lie' commander Spock. Had been the crew-member so smuggle the tribble onto the ship...
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Oct. 19th, 2008


(no subject)

People always tend to think my style is a bit funny. So many of my friends are like what are you wearing.
But when I look at those things marketed to those new anime crazy americans teens around me. What are they wearing but things when I find it in a normal store... I buy it.

I just find this funny. Now how do my style without people think I'm crazy? OH well I was doing this type of style long before they where they can just get over it.

Sep. 5th, 2008


Fanfiction Place Holder

Okay I really want to start writing again. Planed so far for the Broken Starlight...

Bumblebee/Frenzy: Femme Frenzy with an annoyed Barricade and confused Bee.

: Sad Femme Jazz, Oblivious Prowl

Ironhide/Ratchet: Amnisctic Ironhide,  Lieing Chromia, Distressed Femme Ratchet, Ticked Grown Sparklings Sides & Sunny @ Ironhide





Megatron/Bumblebee or Megatron/Bluestreak: Fluff + lighthearted

Something Mad: Sabertooth and Bee find Bee's old body, Sam's having other issue then Bee being gone, Logan is sent to look into the Misson City

Jan. 17th, 2008


Fic: Broken Starlight

 Drabble that came out of the many Transformers plotlines my mind plays with though are hardly ever put into any form of words. 

Title: Broken Starlight
Summary: Strange look into what makes a femme. 
Warnings: Unbetaed.

There had been a time when nothing more them a difference resonance in sparks had separated femmes from the mechs on cybertron. As their world meet others, the views changed and so did the building of bodies. It started out simply enough a softening of the face, a little bit more curve in this part or another, lighter builds, small bodies. Time had changed and in the golden age, you could tell a femme by the way they where built, smoother plating builds reminiscent of the organic races they had meet.

When the war broke out they found how… much weaker the femme bodies had become. Through the war effort, most femme’s realized they have to adopt back the more piratical forms of their counterparts. However, many outright refused due to vanitys sake. So use to the newer build many femme’s that went back to the ‘old ways’ where shunned, forgotten. Had their dignity stripped from them as Mechs made eyes at those that had refused. Many where looked on with disgust and contempt.

Lives where left in ruin, no longer where relationships look on how they once had, a mech wanted a pretty face along with an appealing body to hold and touch. Not a spark that beat in time with their mates. Many that had spark mates where abandoned, left with sparklings to tend alone, many femmes that converted lost those and what was held most precious to them. Those alone where shunned and looked at with disgust by most males that recognized them as femmes. Many of the younger mech could not tell the differences between a Mech and Femme now by feel so use to the visual difference.

Though many wishes to restore their bodies to their previous look few had the time or the means during the war to make such a large, time-consuming change. Left to fight the war as they where and forgotten by most.

Jan. 9th, 2008



Life is just so boring... when boring happens one either does one of these 3 things,

play video games
watch tv
serf the net

or.... go insane wait that was 4 my bad...


Oct. 28th, 2007

nurse cloud

When pushed...

You'll get pushed back I swear this halloween I get one smart ass comment from this one guy Matt he's getting pounded on because he's earned it. Really fucked earned it over the time I've known him since he can't seem to keep his mouth shut. 

And all guys I seem to known other then Ben and Chris don't think it's wrong to hit someone for insulting a girl. Or more lack the honor to do so since everyone seems to think it's okay. He's going down I feel sorry for his girlfriend since I really do like her she just has suck ass taste in guys. 

And if anyone cares I'm doing bumblebee. 

Aug. 28th, 2007


my god why this now?

Like for my animals has just been fucked... I've lost two fish to soap contamination... my mom's been talking about putting my dog down because of what's wrong with her. Then on top of it all my new horse get hurt, and we're loosing the community mule. 

This is just not the year for pets. I lost a female fish on the way home that I'd rescued from Wal-mart. I almost lost my arabian Sundanz, to colic. We've been rescuing dog off they roads. I lose my two fish back to back, my friend loses fish, my new horse gets hurt first day in and now we're losing the mule. I hate this summer end of story this summer has just been way fucked up. I so don't need to lose another animal... I hope Justin the mule is okay...

Edit: We lost Justin, to colic tonight

Aug. 17th, 2007


Can't anyone keep their mouths shut!

I'm fucking sick of people spoiling books, games and pretty much anything I have intrest in when it comes to the internet.

Honestly if very sad people have such little tack that they can't keep their mouths shut or warn ahead of time in the title.


It lives now.

Since my old LJ is watched by many who well disapprove of some of my activity's I've decided I should just start a new one. Since if I posted on that one I'd have to censor my self if I didn't want to be lectured for what I like who I like and how I speak. I don't need it it's easier to just post here and abandon my old one I'm sick of hiding stuff under the bed so to speak. 

So just to say I will be me in whole. No more censoring my self.